Our Story

Revolutionizing Vision Correction Surgery and Patient Experience

Hoopes Vision is a leading surgical facility that provides the newest, safest, and most innovative vision correction technology in an atmosphere of warm, personalized patient care, all with a goal to revolutionize the process of vision correction surgery and patient experience.

Hoopes Vision's story begins in 2000 when founder Dr. Phillip Hoopes moved his practice from Kansas City, where he had been a pioneer in both refractive and cataract surgery, to the Salt Lake City area.

In Kansas City, Dr. Hoopes was one of the first surgeons to use such revolutionary (at the time) techniques as radial keratotomy (the first kind of refractive surgery) and phacoemulsification (the basis for the modern cataract procedure). He was also involved in the FDA clinical trials and testing that led to the approval of many of the laser systems used today for LASIK surgery. The first official laser procedure after FDA approval was actually performed at his center.

When he decided to relocate to Utah, Dr. Hoopes had a unique vision in mind: to create a surgical facility that would always offer the newest, safest, most innovative vision correction technology in the hands of experienced, caring surgeons, all in an atmosphere of warm, personalized patient care.

For 18 years and counting, Hoopes Vision has been the embodiment of that goal, providing tens of thousands of happy patients a vision correction experience like no other. Everything we do here, from the constant adoption of new technology to the hand-picked surgical team and support staff to the freshly baked cookies for patients and their families, is a reflection of that founding vision.

Our 2013 relocation to the new Hoopes Vision facility in Draper is the latest and most exciting step toward this goal as it promises to revolutionize the process of vision correction surgery as well as the patient experience. Designed from the ground up for ophthalmology, the 58,000 square foot building features a LASIK surgery suite with more lasers on-site than any other center in Utah. The on-site ambulatory surgery center, EyeSurg of Utah, was the first facility in the world to feature multiple laser platforms for performing laser-assisted cataract surgery.

Significantly, the new clinic features an expanded and improved clinic area for pre- and postoperative examinations. Even with all the lasers and all the surgical expertise at our disposal, a LASIK or Visian ICL procedure is only as good as the preoperative testing on which it is based, and one of the strengths here at Hoopes Vision has always been the accuracy and thoroughness of our testing. That is the case more than ever at our new facility as patients benefit from our very extensive pre-surgical examination: factors such as refractive error, corneal curvature and thickness, corneal tissue strength, higher-order aberrations, and wavefront mapping are tested by highly-trained technicians using the most advanced equipment available.

This testing enables our doctors to determine who is a good candidate for vision correction surgery and, just as importantly, it allows them to determine which of our wide range of procedures will give each patient the best result. Whether the best result for your unique eyes and vision needs is custom and blade-free LASIK or PRK, implantation of the Visian ICL, or laser-assisted cataract surgery or clear lens exchange, the wealth of experience and technology at Hoopes Vision promises a great result.