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Carl Zeiss MEL 80™ Laser

Hoopes Vision purchased the first Carl Zeiss Mel 80™ excimer laser in the United States, a fifth-generation laser known for its speed and precision, with impressive results reported in FDA clinical trials.

Hoopes Vision purchased the very first Carl Zeiss Mel 80™ excimer laser sold in the United States. As of August 2006, this was the latest laser to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration. It was delivered to us in April 2007. The new MEL 80™ is a fifth-generation laser and one of the fastest lasers available at our laser vision correction practice located in Sandy, Utah.

Internationally, there are over 750 MEL 80™ lasers installed, and the device has already proven itself as one of the leading excimer laser systems available. In the FDA clinical trials, 93 percent of patients treated with the laser were able to see 20/20 without further correction and 85 percent achieved a result within one half of a diopter of the intended correction.

The new MEL 80™ is extremely fast, shortening treatment time considerably. This shortened exposure time helps enable a faster visual recovery. The MEL 80™ also has a new, ultra-fast eye tracker. Your correction will be performed very precisely without dilating your pupil.

This laser has a very small spot size of only 0.7mm with Gaussian beam profile. This feature allows the finest corrections, with very smooth customized treatment surfaces. In addition, the MEL 80™ laser incorporates treatment optimization tools for maintaining the round, prolate contour of the cornea, which improves vision outcomes under dim light and at night. As a result, this tool for all-laser LASIK is greatly beneficial for our Salt Lake City-area patients, and we are proud to offer such cutting-edge technology.