I had worn glasses and contacts since the third grade. I am pretty sure that I would have been considered legally blind. I could not read a newspaper headline or tell the time on my alarm clock from more than a foot away.

Daniel Summerhays | Professional Golfer

Travel for golf, sports, camping, and other activities was difficult because of the need to keep extra contacts, solution, and storage.

During December of 2006, my vision was repaired at Hoopes Vision. It was a miracle to me that I could see perfectly after not being able to function without my contacts. I was worried that I might not be able to read the greens the same as before or that my depth perception and clarity would be distorted. My worries were put to rest. I see better and more clearly now than ever and I haven’t needed any touch-up work in the seven years since.

I have so much trust in the technology and skill that the Hoopes Vision team has that I sent my wife to get her vision corrected through LASIK. I sent her to the best and the results were just as desired: perfect.

Thank you, Hoopes Vision!