Dick Nourse is a well-known, respected, retired, award-winning Salt Lake City, Utah television news anchor. He retired on November 28, 2007, after a 43-year career with KSL TV Chanel 5, a record term for a Utah newscaster.

Dick Nourse | Retired TV News Anchor

Born in Grand Junction, Colorado, Dick graduated from Brigham Young University and he and his wife Debi, have 5 children. He is a well-known cancer survivor (twice) and is involved in fundraising for various cancer research projects. In 1989, Ronald Reagan honored him as an outstanding cancer survivor.

On July 13, 1965, Nourse was teamed with weatherman Bob Welti and Sportscaster Paul James. This winning combination took KSL to the top of ratings which lasted the entirety of his career. When Welti and James retired in 1991, they were the longest-running evening news team in the country. He continues to provide news commentary online at www.salttvnet.com as part of the Salt TV network.

Mr. Nourse had been noticing blurred distance vision and glare at night for about a month prior to his first visit at Hoopes Vision in September of this year. He had previously been diagnosed with early cataracts several years before. During his examination, the cataracts were confirmed, and his right eye cataract was more advanced than in his left eye. He was also found to have astigmatism in both eyes. Both eyes were operated on two weeks apart. He received the new high-technology AcrySof® IQ Toric Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) by Alcon, Inc., to correct his astigmatism. The surgery was performed to give him both distant and reading vision. Hoopes Vision surgeons are among the leading providers of this newer, innovative cataract implant.

Dick has been thrilled with the outcome of his surgeries and his experience at Hoopes Vision. When asked why he chose Hoopes Vision for his surgery and his experience there, he said:

“I had been diagnosed with cataracts several years ago but could still see well enough to function and do most things I needed to do. It wasn’t until late summer that I began to notice quite a bit of glare at night while driving and poor distance vision during the day. Over the years I certainly had a lot of opportunity and time to think about needing surgery on my eyes eventually and began thinking about where to go and which surgeons I wanted to fix my eyes when the time came.

“After talking to friends and associates about where to go, several leading and well-known facilities and surgeons kept coming up. I have known many colleagues in the radio and television industry who have had and needed eye surgery. Through this, I had certainly heard about Hoopes Vision and all of their experience and technology for a long time. I had also been impressed to learn that legendary national newscaster and icon, David Brinkley, had chosen Hoopes Vision for his surgery! But, it wasn’t until I was really having problems that my final decision was made. When speaking with the employees and personnel at my own personal physicians’ office about my recent eye problems, every one of them told me individually that there was only one place I should go to have my cataract surgery: Hoopes Vision. That confirmed what I had felt and heard, and I made the appointment the same day.

“The day of the exam arrived and as I walked off the elevator into the office, I knew I had chosen someplace very special. I don’t think I have ever been in a professional office where warmth, friendliness, and caring were more noticeable and apparent! The office was beautiful and extremely well organized. The staff couldn’t have been nicer or more professional! They radiated confidence and success and you can tell they were happy working there. That is something you rarely see nowadays.

“The workup and exam went efficiently and they went overboard educating me on what was wrong and what my many options were. I was really impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism of Dr. Phillip Hoopes, Jr. He carefully explained what was wrong, what needed to be done and when, and gave me several different options to consider. There was nothing pushy and no pressure; in fact, one of my options was to wait until things got worse. But, I couldn’t wait to have my vision improved and restored.

“The option that sounded best for me was to select one of the newer, high-tech implants that could also correct my astigmatism and give me an opportunity to see well without glasses. On the surgery day, I checked in and was escorted back to the most amazing free-standing surgery center I have ever seen: EyeSurg of Utah. The preoperative preparation was easy, as was the surgery. No needles and no eye patch were needed, just topical anesthetic drops. The surgery took less than 10 minutes and was totally painless. After a brief stay in the postoperative area, I was able to comfortably go home and rest.

“It has now been over a month since my surgery. How can I see? It’s great, with near 20/20 vision in the distance and even better up-close! I can read the newspaper and watch TV without glasses or contacts for the first time in 50 years, and the fog and glare are gone!”