LASIK eye surgery is a procedure I have contemplated for a few years now. As a mogul skier on the US Ski Team, every competition I compete in is important.

Heather McPhie | Olympic Freestyle Moguls Skier

FSeveral times I have had my contacts blur while I am part way through my mogul run, or upside down in a backflip. This is the main reason I decided to have the surgery; however, I had no idea how incredible it would be for daily life as well.

In years past I have had two other preliminary appointments from other eye centers, but was not comfortable enough to trust them with surgery on my eyes. At Hoopes Vision Center, everyone from the first person I talked to was friendly, informed, and I was encouraged to ask questions. At my preliminary appointment, every person I worked with introduced themselves, explained what they were doing, and had a smile on their face. When I met Doctor Hoopes at the first appointment, he was personable, and took the time to review my chart, and walked me through what to expect during the surgery. It was also impressive that I never waited even ten minutes to start my exams or the procedure. They were very clear with the instructions throughout the process, and whenever I had questions they got back to me the same day.

Now, three weeks after my surgery some of the main changes I have noticed include: waking up able to see, not dealing with the hassle of contact lenses and glasses, and I am seeing better than I ever did with my prescription eyewear! Thanks to Dr. Hoopes and the rest of the staff at Hoopes Vision Center, I am looking forward to training and competing without fear of not being able to see at any given moment. Thanks, Dr. Hoopes!