I cannot say enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Hoopes and his staff for the way they took care of me during my LASIK experience. I am now living without the hassle of contact lenses and loving every minute of it.

Kirk Chambers | Former NFL Player

My vision is currently better than 20/20, and I now see better after the procedure than I did with my contacts. My only regret is that I did not see Dr. Hoopes years ago.

As a professional football player, I depend greatly on my vision to do my job. I simply cannot play if I cannot see. Losing a contact during a game is frustrating. I have had to sit out during games while I waited for a trainer to dig up a spare contact. Those days are gone. Also gone are the days of red irritated eyes because of wearing contact lenses for long periods of time.

For years I would hear of how happy people were with their corrective procedure. Honestly, I cannot remember meeting anyone that has had LASIK that has not loved it. Many of my friends and teammates have had their eyes surgically corrected. I was always envious of how they did not have to deal with the hassles of contact lenses and glasses. I knew that I wanted to get my eyesight corrected. This lasted for years. The only thing keeping me from getting serious about getting my eyesight fixed was that I was really nervous. When it comes to getting a shot or going to the dentist I cringe and lock up. To me, I had the same mental block with LASIK.

Dr. Hoopes helped me get over the initial nervousness and made me very confident in the decision to go ahead with the procedure. The procedure was a huge success and not that uncomfortable at all. I can honestly say the LASIK procedure is easier than getting dental work done. They have thought of everything to make the experience as painless as possible. I am so glad that I went to Hoopes Vision. They made the process easy and convenient. Thank you, Dr. Hoopes.