I had LASIK surgery just before Christmas and want you to know how pleased I am with the results! My sister had LASIK done by someone else and the doctor over-corrected one eye, so when I was ready to have it done, she called her ophthalmologist. He recommended Hoopes Vision.

Koreen Eubank Walker |

I did quite a bit of research before my free consultation and was already impressed. During the consultation, my opinion kept getting higher and higher!

There were three things that clinched my decision to have Dr. Hoopes perform my LASIK surgery: First, Dr. Hoopes came in, personally, and met with me during my free consultation; second, the fact that Dr. Hoopes has the latest equipment, was very important to me; and the third thing that clinched my decision was the “See Clearly Guarantee.” If you are confident enough to offer a guarantee, you must be one of the best!

During my surgery, I developed an involuntary twitch in my left eye. Because your equipment is state-of-the-art, it automatically adjusted for the twitching and everything was fine. Had I gone somewhere else, that twitch could have ruined the whole procedure!

At my three month check-up, my vision was exactly where we wanted it and I could not be more pleased with the results!! My sister is so impressed that she will be making an appointment with Dr. Hoopes to see if he can fix her vision. I have recommended Hoopes Vision to everyone I know and will continue to do so! People may be able to have LASIK done for less money elsewhere, but Dr. Hoopes’ experience and equipment make it worth every penny: these are my eyes and I don’t trust my eyesight to anyone but Dr. Hoopes!