I received LASIK during my time on the US Ski Team. I was tired of the nearly impossible task of using contact lenses while I was training, competing and going through everyday life.

Landon J Gardner |

Having clear vision is just as important to me as making sure my body is strong enough for a World Cup competition season – there is no halfway or just good enough. After retiring from competitive Freestyle skiing I find myself outside more and more.

I do an extensive amount of hiking and exploring around my home state of Montana during all four of our seasons. ? We have some of the most beautiful terrain in the world and being able to see these dramatic landscapes with clarity is breathtaking. Additionally, I work with computers and a multitude of digital content and rely on my vision heavily.

My evaluation was very informative and extremely professional. The procedure itself was easier than I had expected AND painless! The staff from day one in both the front and back office were very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. I did just as prescribed and almost immediately I could see the wonderful results!

My clear and hassle-free vision has done away with the burden of contact lenses or glasses that, given my lifestyle, just isn’t conducive or convenient. If you find yourself struggling with contact lenses or glasses you owe it to yourself to at least get an evaluation from Hoopes to see if you are a candidate – your eyes will thank you. ?