Since 1971, corrective lenses were required for me to play baseball, from high school to the major leagues. I had heard of LASIK but was not sure I wanted to take the risk with the only set of eyes I have.

Vance Law | Former BYU Baseball Coach
I read about different doctors and clinics – even visited one for an evaluation to see if I was a candidate – and then heard about the Hoopes Vision from my sister-in-law, Carla, before calling a good friend, Mike Reid, who recommended Hoopes without reservation. From the first time I stepped into their beautiful facility, the treatment was first class, from the receptionists to the vision specialists to Dr. Phillip C. Hoopes, Jr. My surgery went smoothly and was pain-free and my vision tested 20/20 by the next day! It is nice not to be tied down to a set of glasses each morning when I wake up. I am still enjoying baseball, but now I am enjoying it without glasses.